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Conquest 2013

On Sunday March 24th the Knights of Bayard will organize their yearly Warhammer Fantasy Tournament. This tournament counts for the 'Ranking der Nederlanden'. It will be held at the Gemeentelijke Sporthal,Van Langenhovestraat 203a in 9200 Sint-Gillis Dendermonde (Belgium). 40 players will be able to attend.


Registration MUST be done using the T3-website. Click here to go to the Tournaments page. Entrance fee will be 10€ (8€ for members of the Knights of Bayard) and should be transfered to account  IBAN# BE70 9795 5101 0525 (BIC# ARSPBE22). Only after receiving this your subscription will be final. Payments must be in before 16/03/2012. Add in the remark of your payment: CONQUEST - Player's name! Payments that have reached us in time award the player 3 points.
your entrance fee will NOT be refunded if you don't show up on the day of the tournament. Only exceptions on this rules is sending the organisation a scan of a doctor's note or an obituary in which you're mentioned as one of the relatives. Refunds will be given if cancellation is done before 20/03/2012 23h59. This way we can still call up a potential reserve-player...

Some remarks of a more domestic nature:

  • There is a no smoking rule in the sports centre. During the breaks one can have a smoke outdoors. We kindly request to throw your cigarette butts in the bins.
  • Attached to the sports centre there's a tavern where you can order drinks and snacks. For this reason it's not allowed to bring your own beverages in the playing room. We can't forbid to bring your own lunch but take into account it will have to be used outside the sports centre.
  • Near the sports centre there is plenty of possibility to park your car.

Day schedule:

  • 8h30: Registration. Upon arrival the contestants are asked to deliver their army list for checking.
  • 9h15: Drawing. Players are assigned and adversary and a table. They can unwrap their armies already.
  • 9h30: Start first battle.
  • 11h15: From this point onwards the current turn is finished and NO NEW turn can be started.
  • 11h30: End first battle. The contestants fill in the play sheet at the central desk with their scores. Note to write down both victory points (not only the difference). A ranking after one battle will be made and the battles for the second round are listed.
  • 12h30: Start second battle.
  • 14h15: From this point onwards the current turn is finished and NO NEW turn can be started.
  • 14h30: End second battle. Again scores have to be written down at the central desk.
  • 15h00: Start third battle.
  • 16h45: From this point onwards the current turn is finished and NO NEW turn can be started.
  • 17h00: End third battle. Write down the scores for a last time.
  • 17h15: Price ceremony.
  • 17h30: End tournament.

Remark: As you have 2 hours we expect ALL players to be able to play at least 5 of 6 turns. Should you think your opponent tries to delay the game, inform the judge in time (not at the end of the battle!). He will encourage your opponent to speed up his game and will keep an eye on the progress of the further battle. If still not 5 rounds are played in time, the judge can decide that at least a draw is awarded to the player that he considers is victim of the delaying tactic.

Tournament setup:

The tournament takes only one day in which 3 battles have to be played. The Swiss-system will be used: the adversary  for the first battle is drawn randomly. We will take into account that players of the same club do not have to play each other in the first two rounds (and maybe even in the third). After each round a ranking will be made. According to this ranking players are matched for the following round taking into account that 2 players can not play each other twice.

At the start of each battle you will be placed at a random table with scenery. Apart for mystical forests and rivers one piece of scenery will have special rules. Take a little time with your opponent to discuss the scenery which can not be moved. Wood Elf players which use tree singing are expected to place the scenery back on the original position after the battle.

Every player must bring the following to the tournament:

  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles Rulebook.
  • Army book of your own army.
  • Dice needed (D6's, scatter dice, artillery dice)
  • Templates needed
  • Your army... of course
  • A copy of your entered army list (checked at registration).
  • Ruler or tape measure

May also come in handy:

  • Glue in case of damage
  • a copy of these rules
  • Money for food and beverages

The army list:

  • 8th edition rules apply!
  • No more than 1900 pts. Army lists must be composed as par last army book!
  • Only ONE lord choice allowed.
  • No duplicate rare choices allowed except when playing High Elves. 2-for-1 choices (e.g. Reaper Bolt Throwers) are allowed.
  • Power scroll is allowed as mentioned in the FAQ.
  • No end-of-the-book lists.
  • Dogs of War can only be take as seperate armies as pubished in Warhammer Chronicles 2004.
  • Unpainted models are allowed but will cost you in painting points of course.
  • Special characters are not allowed. They can however be used to represent normal models.
  • Chaos Dwarfs use the list as published in Tamurkan - The Throne of Chaos.

Army lists must be sent to before March 20th at 23h59 and must be in on of the following formats: Word, Excel, HTML, PDF. You may use army builder to create your army but we kindly ask to save this as a HTML or PDF. Your list will be checked by the organisation who will confirm if it is correct or not. A list which is entered in time and correct will earn you 6 points. A corrected list entered in time still gives 3 points. If you are spotted using an army list other than the one sent to us, you will loose all battles with a massacre.


All battles are played according the battle line rules. Victory points are calculated as in the rulebook. Wood Elves use their special rules for these battles. The following 'house rules' also apply:

  • Scouts do not count to determine who has finished first with deploying.
  • Look out sir! rolls for the following spells: - Dwellers Below - Final Transmutation - Dreaded 13th - Infernal Gateway 11-12 - Purple Sun/Pit of Shades (templates so look out sir! is permitted)
  • Fleeing units at the end of the battle give the following victory points:
    • All points when the fleeing unit is UNDER half it's starting size or characters/monsters BELOW half their starting wounds.
    • Half of the points for any other fleeing units, characters or monsters.
  • In a challenge ALL attacks of the model (so also mount) may be made trying to get the maximum overkill wounds.


We decided that each point is important to win this tournament. Therefor the following table is used for awarding tournament points.

Difference VP     TP Victory     TP Loss
    <150                         11                 11
    <300                         12                 10
    <450                         13                   9
    <600                         14                   8
    <750                         15                   7
    <900                         16                   6
    <1050                       17                   5
    <1200                       18                   4
    <1350                       19                   3
    <1500                       20                   2
    <1650                       21                   1
    >=1650                     22                   0

If a player concedes a battle then his opponent will earn a massacre of 2000 points + points for any banners within in the conceding army. The player who concedes will get a 5 point deduction.


25 points can be earned in painting your army. These are awarded as followed:

  • Painted: min. 4 colours/model unless the model does not require this. Percentages are calculated considering the number of models.
    • Nothing painted: 0 pts
    • Less then 50% painted: 1 pts
    • More then 50% painted: 3 pts
    • 100% painted: 7 pts

    Note: the following points can only be earned if the army was 100% painted. This way we hope to restrict the number of unpainted models...

  • Based 2 pts
  • WYSIWYG: ‘What you see, is what you get’. This includes markings, banners et musicians: 0 or 2 pts
  • Finishing and interpretation of the judge:
    • Bases exceptionally finished: 0, 1 or 2 pts
    • Army clearly is unified in theme and painting scheme when looking from a distance: 0, 1 of 2 pts
    • A converted unit (min. 50% of the unit was converted) 0, 1 or 2 pts. Bases are not part of the conversion.
    • A converted model/character 0, 1 or 2 pts
    • Personal judgement: 1 to 6 pts

Painting Price:

3 judges will give their personal evaluation on your army. They can not debate amongst each other. Their points will be added and the 3 (or 4) best scoring armies will be asked to display their armies during the break between battle 2 and 3. All players may write the army on which they vote down on a paper. The army with the highest score gets the painting price. In case of a tie the points of the judges will be decide.

We hope to welcome you on March 24th!


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